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Compass Rose Consulting

Business Growth Focus Groups Highly Valuable

The Business Growth Focus Groups have been happening around the area and online. Join one to find out what you can do to improve your profitability.

The focus of each group is to discuss and share strategies for increasing leads, conversions, sales…..using our five step profit formula AND information from each person in the room. The sharing that occurs in invaluable. The knowledge of colleagues and their experience locally helps YOU to improve what you are doing as well.
e’re hosting a Business Growth Focus Group for a limited number of businesses. Only ONE per profession will be allowed to be represented at this event. We are limiting participation to 15 participants — so be sure to reserve asap to get your seat at the table.

The goal of the group is to share what is working and what is not working for businesses locally, so the one stipulation is that everyone agrees to share that about their business.

Since this meeting is only for small business owners and it will be a small, intimate gathering, the networking potential will be unprecedented for those attending. I think you will make some excellent contacts during the meeting and possibly generate several new clients for you.

The meeting is free to those we select and breakfast and all costs are covered. There is nothing for sale so leave your wallet at home. The entire meeting is designed so successful businesses in attendance can openly share and learn from each other what is working and what is not working with their marketing and in their business operations so everyone benefits from each other’s successes and challenges.

RSVP if you are interested in attending. Donna will supplement the information at this meeting with her 15+ years of business and marketing experience… and will show everyone attending how to double your current lead flow and triple your sales. You will benefit greatly from the information provided.

The businesses we select to attend will receive a massive competitive advantage that will elevate your business to an entirely new level of performance – both professionally and financially.

There is only one stipulation for attending – you MUST be willing to share with the group what is working for your business in the areas of generating leads and increasing sales locally – as well as what hasn’t been working for your business and the pitfalls others should avoid.

Comments from past attendees:

Great Overall Information…

You provided so much information that I can use in my business….

Are You Using Press Releases in Your Business?

How Often Are You Sending Out A Press Release?

You might think you don’t have anything to share with a press release for your business, but I would argue strongly that you do! In fact, press releases can probably be sent out once or twice per month. What?

Yes! Once or twice per month you should be sending out a new press release. Now you are wondering what on earth would you say!

Here are a few ideas:

  • new events (this one is obvious)
  • new staff at your shop/facility/studio
  • your business anniversary
  • new training or certifications
  • new programs/services
  • holiday related specials or events (did you know that there is a holiday almost every day? This means you can use more than just the BIG holidays.
  • changes in your business such as new location, new branch, redesign, reopening etc.
  • current events — sometimes there is something happening in the world that you should be writing about. For example, in my article about Chimney Sweeps (http://profitabilityacademy.com/blog/market-to-save-lives) I use the example of a chimney fire that occurs locally. That is an event that a chimney sweep should be doing a press release about — how to prevent a chimney fire in your home. That article is called Market to Save Lives, because when chimney sweeps educate consumers on the dangers of not sweeping their chimney they can literally save lives. But your educational marketing can too.

Remember to include your About YOUR COMPANY section with a link to your website.

Including a call to action in your press release is tricky, because this is not a paid ad, it is news. So you need to be smart in how you word your release and how you invite people to visit your website.  If you don’t do this well, your release will get rejected and you won’t get the coverage that you were hoping for.

You might also be wondering–>> why not just do an ad? Well, a press release is published differently than an ad. It actually gives you better exposure and credibility than a paid advertisement does.  That is what you want.

If you want to learn more about writing press releases check out the resources we have in the Profitability Academy.

Want a DONE -FOR-YOU service — Let me know — I do that for you! CLICK HERE

10K in 45 Minutes — Coming Soon

At the Publisher’s NOW!  It’s HERE!!

10K in 45 Minutes is the book that can transform your business!

10K in 45 is the book that contains the PROCESS that I use to find ANY business at least 10K in 45 Minutes. Now, you will be able to have it in your hands, to review your business and determine where you have at least 10K easily accessible.

Some people think it is a hoax, but the reality is that most businesses are leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table. It is there for the finding. And most of the time, actually all of the time, it is readily available with a few simple tweaks and changes to the marketing strategies that are being implemented.

What would you do with 10K?

When you start looking at your marketing in a new way and how it is or is not working to build your business, you will see that you too have more than 10K in your business that you are not accessing.  It is with new leads, new customers, better conversions, knowing your numbers — and while at first glance it may seem complicated, it really is simple.  Simple fixes to what you are already, most likely, doing to grow your business, but we add steroids to the mix and make it work — better, faster, and easier!

Learn how 10K in 45 Minutes can shift your understanding of your current marketing plan and marketing strategies.  Write all over it, generate new ideas, new strategies to make your business thrive.  Stand up and change how you are doing, what you are doing to make it work for you instead of just draining the bank.

Do not be satisfied with converting one person when it could have been 1 or 20 or even 100.  Bigger growth is possible.  Thriving business is in sight.  You just need to understand the keys to what you are doing.

Do not depend on your web designer, your advertising sales person — because most likely they do not know how to put the strategy together to work for you!

Sign up to get on the early notification list for when the book arrives!

Gratitude and Giving

It is the season for gratitude and giving


Be thankful for all that you have.  Shift what you look at from what you don’t have (yet), to what you do have.  Say thank you.  Build upon success.  Build upon what has worked.  Thank everyone involved for that success.

When you are thankful, it affects your inner core as well as those around you.  That shift in your inner core radiates out and goes beyond you.  You are actually more able to create success with a mindset of gratitude than one of wanting.

What are you thankful for during this Thanksgiving season?

Look around you.  Acknowledge everything that you do have!

Take a moment and write a list.

At work — walk around — look at what you have, what you have accomplished.  Thank your team for work well done, for extra hours and energy and commitment. Say THANK YOU — out loud. Do not be shy about gratitude.  Remember how it feels when someone thanks YOU.  Do the same and more!


Along with gratitude, it is a time for giving.  Giving actually has similar feelings to gratitude.  When you give, you receive.  The gratitude that comes back to you is such positive energy that it can propel you into more action.  It creates a natural “high” of energy that lifts you and carries you forward.  It creates momentum.

What can you give?  How can you and your organization become or be giving organizations?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Partner with a charity or a cause and give generously to them.
  • Provide direct service to another organization or group
  • Participate in service days organized by the United Way or other organizations.
  • Create a giving company — perhaps a buy one | give one model
  • Collect food donations or toy donations at your place of work.
  • Give staff a day off for service work

There are so many ways that you can give and create a giving organization.

What other ideas do you have?  Be sure to leave them in the comments….

I am grateful — for all that have — wonderful family, friends, home, pets, business and all of the connections that come along with business — clients, colleagues…. new connections and old…

Take time this holiday season to give  and be grateful.  Feel the wonder of both.

Thank you!!  And yes, I will be going out and saying thank you more directly as well!

Thank YOU!

What’s Your Impact

Does Your Business go Beyond Your Customers and Clients to Make a Bigger Social Impact?

Business is by far the best way to build your wealth and freedom.  But does your business go beyond you and your family and reach out into the community?  Are you making a difference in the world? Is it important to you to make a social impact?

When you add that social impact to your business — it feels good.  The real impact goes beyond that good feeling though. It can actually impact your business results because your clients and customers LIKE to feel good too.  When doing business with you helps them to make an impact — then they feel good and want to do more business with YOU.

So, what can that social impact look like?

There are several models that can work for any type of business. Let’s look at a few.

The Direct Donation Model:
Choose a charity that you are passionate about and make regular donations — a percentage of each purchase or a percentage of profits. Another way to provide a direct donation could be to directly donate your product or service.

Buy One/Give One Model:
You can choose to donate an item like the item that was purchased.  Similar to Tom’s shoes. With each shoe purchase, Tom’s donates a pair of shoes to someone that needs shoes.

Service Model:
You can choose to donate your personal services to people that need your service or to a charitable organization such as the United Way or Red Cross.

Partnership Model:
You can choose to partner with a charitable organization, providing an array of supports to the organization.

I am sure that there are many other innovative ways to make a social impact.  What models have you used in your business?

I have found that creating a model for your business that is in alignment with your mission and values feels best.  Here at Compass Rose Consulting — we work with entrepreneurs and non-profits, with a focus on women in business and women focused non-profits.  Our model of impact is multi-dimensional.  Here are the ways that I give:

Service — I serve on two boards — one non profit and one networking organization. Through the networking organization, I work to raise funds for a domestic violence shelter.

CRC Service Donation — I donate strategic planning to a non-profit board each year.

Monetary Donation to Support Women Entrepreneurs — I donate money to support women entrepreneurs — a percentage of registration fees or coaching fees are donated through other organizations that work with women worldwide to support women.
Marketing Your Impact –
The other benefit of your social impact is sharing it with your customers and prospects.  Customer’s want to do business with socially conscious businesses, environmentally conscious businesses.  Sharing how you achieve this helps them in their decision making.  This needs to be done with care!  Images of course are essential. When you have supported an organization you can ask to use their logo or image from them.  Be sure that you do this with class.

Some businesses will include information on their packaging about their earth friendly practices, or inside of your cereal box.  Get creative!  It can be fun!

How can you add information to your marketing about your social impact?  What type of marketing feels right and in alignment with your business?

Are there other ways that you can increase your impact that benefits your business and your community? Creating win-win solutions is key.