compass rose consulting, business success coachingA shift in mission for 2017.

As we move into 2017, Compass Rose Consulting is shifting its focus and passion for the work we do to women in business and women focused non-profits.


To create a cascade of prosperity in women owned businesses and women focused non-profits that ripple through communities and the world.

I believe that when women succeed, communities succeed.

I believe that every business can succeed with the right combination of excellence in service/product, marketing communications and leadership.  I meet business owners every day that love their business, are passionate about their “craft” (whatever it may be), and are overwhelmed and frustrated that they have to market their business and sell themselves.

isabella circlesIn this shift, Isabella Circles is born as our central program and service, incorporating all that I have developed over the past years into a new program that has a unique approach to business development. Part of the shift is in HOW the program is delivered — operating from a circle, creating safe space, collaborative space within the circle.

Circles are an old gathering place for women. They remain an important way for women to gather.  They provide a framework for developing authentic relationships and connections.

Isabella Circles will provide a space for women business owners and leaders to come together to learn, grow and share.

cascading prosperityShare is an old component of Compass Rose Consulting, revised and revisited.  Within our mission now is creating a cascade of prosperity.  I have always believed that when an entrepreneur succeeds — then a family succeeds and a community succeeds and it ripples out from there. Now, we are intentionally creating a cascade with each new member of Isabella Circles — partnering with women-focused non-profits that support women entrepreneurs.  We will create an direct impact. Isabella Circles members will in essence be supporting other women entrepreneurs through our direct support of other women entrepreneurs.  So, the ripple expands to a cascade.

You can see the ripple in our new logo above.  We still have our compass that keeps us on track and focused, but now the compass has a heart at the center. That represents our goal to operate with heart and compassion in all that we do. There are also new circles added — that represent the circles of cascades, starting from the center and radiating out.

You might also notice, a change in our branding colors — to purple and gold.  Strong colors, connected with women throughout history.

As I move our vision forward, you will find it here on this site and slowly we will be rebuilding and updating to further integrate our mission, vision and values.