I believe that every business can succeed with the right combination of excellence in service/product, marketing communications and leadership.  I meet business owners every day that love their business, are passionate about their “craft” (whatever it may be), and are overwhelmed and frustrated that they have to market their business and sell themselves.

Often, they didn’t realize that marketing was part of business!!  But it is and until you fall in love with your marketing self, it is HARD to succeed.

My mission is to give you the tools that you need to do your own marketing, or learn what  you need to know to work with a marketing professional. Marketing is easy once you have the tools and strategies in place.

I offer training resources, strategic marketing consulting and several innovative DONE for YOU services. We meet small business leaders where they are right now.

Strategic planning— most businesses operate without a strategic plan, and then the ones that include a plan take weeks to develop it and then never look at it again.  Our strategic planning takes at most 2 days.  And then we give you an accountability resource that will keep your team moving the plan forward and not just leaving to collect dust on the shelf. I work with business teams to create a powerful and focused strategic plan.

State of the art training: My Online Training Center is the most comprehensive training and strategy resource for business leaders today. Filled with marketing strategies that you thought you knew, but didn’t do completely right, AND giving you blueprints for new strategies that you haven’t tried yet.  Each strategy complete.

Book publishing is one of the things I do for business growth is book writing and publishing. I have helped many business owners get their book done and published.  A book can be your exceptional business card!

Coaching/Consulting — we love working directly with clients.  We give you resources for learning and development and the add in coaching to make it customized to you.  To keep our promise of making our services accessible we have group programs and individual programs.  Each valuable and effective.